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Second Benefit Concert, in memory of Patrick Dillery, Was a Great Success!

The second benefit concert for The Village Music School Foundation was held on Sunday, March 7, 2021. The main performing group is called the FOG Cuartet. The odd spelling is because the group is comprised of a Flutist, an Oboist, a Guitarist (FOG) and a Cellist (the C of Cuartet). The program included works of Bach, Mozart, Ravel, and Dolan. The concert was presented by Musical Associates. It was free to watch, but donations were requested, and were greatly appreciated!

This concert was in memory of The FOG Cuartet’s flutist, Patrick Dillery, who passed away in the fall of 2020. The introduction was given by Kevin, whose heartfelt explanation of the purpose of the concert was followed by three brief performances by our students. The FOG Cuartet then played its program with some special performances of music in Patrick’s memory.

The Foundation greatly appreciates all donations made during and after that concert in memory of our friend, Patrick Dillery.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the organization is to foster a deeper understanding of the breadth of the world of music, through a variety of activities. As of mid-July, 2020 we have achieved nonprofit status with the IRS under article 501(c )(3).

Music Education is demonstrably important!

The research is overwhelming in observing the tremendous effect of music education on young children. It is like turning on a light bulb in their heads, and it then affects every other part of their academic performance.

The VMS Foundation seeks to foster a wider love for music in the through education and performance opportunities, particularly for those who cannot afford the opportunities provided through The VMS.

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